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Gail  Winbury
Gail Winbury lived her adult life in New Jersey and Massachusetts. Her studio is in East Orange, New Jersey. Raised in a family of scientists, one of her earliest childhood gifts was a ten pound book of Picasso paintings. Despite Winbury’s commitment to creating and studying art, she selected a different career path. However, this successful psychologist with a thriving practice, ultimately decided to become a professional artist. She studied for fifteen years with Chinese American artist Dorothy Yung, at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, with Joan Snyder and in Europe. She has had over ten solo exhibitions, and shows in museums and galleries in the States and Europe. She was a Painting Resident at the School of Visual Arts, was a visual arts fellow at the Bau Foundation in Italy and was awarded an arts residency in Arad, Israel. Winbury lives one month a year in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico where her collage practice began.

Lilly Wei, international art critic and journalist writes:
“Winbury produces a richly diverse, and assured body of work. She is a gifted colorist… Experimenting is easy for her, integral to her approach to painting, which depends upon intuition as well as more calculated decisions. She continues to find new ways to animate her paintings, to give them emotional edge. Winbury’s art espouses themes that are psychological and philosophical, exploring states of being, probing the big questions. Each of her paintings…holds her essential premise, founded on uncertainty and intangible longings, on the complexity of the human condition. Finding means to express this is her quest, one that is always in progress.“

An earlier body of Winbury’s work explored the feminine experience. In another series, she contemplates the transience of life. Currently her paintings emphasize the two-dimensionality of the picture plane and materiality. Winbury pushes painting beyond its traditional 20th century borders to merge the boundaries of painting, drawing, sewing, sculpture and collage.