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May 12 - Jun 4, 2017

Reception: May 12 5:30-7:00


Beginnings is a show that opens a path of discovery and continuous curiosity, offering growth in multiple directions. Such growth is one of life’s great gifts. Visualize all living beings as symbolized by spheres floating in an ocean of life…all moving and changing, connecting and relating to each other with respect and loving kindness. This is the concept of Beginnings. You are invited to begin the journey with OTA.

Works by Kiyomi Baird, Robert Drummond, Robert Hill and Somers Randolph
Kiyomi Baird
Robert Drummond
Bob Hill
Somers Randolph

Collaborative Performance by
Transparent Films/Ed Radtke
Kristina Varjan
Pearl Potts
Joan Lombardi
Gwendolyn Watson

IT provided by Techartician/Jimmy Heil