An Invitation from the Sculptor Somers Randolph

If you’ve passed by OTA Contemporary on the corner of Canyon Road and the Paseo, you will have seen the five piece installation of Calacatta marble by Somers Randolph. It’s an extraordinary witness to the power of will and a grinder.  The physical transformation of a single five-ton block of marble into five individual works is a true lesson in change.  As Somers states:  “Only the sculptor has any experience of the act of creation.  However, this sculpture bridges that gap and allows the viewers to become a part of the process.” (view entire sculpture here)


The surprises by Somers Randolph continue once you walk through the door of the gallery.  The bewitching rarity of a highly polished piece of black Portoro Fine marble draws you in to its orbit.  The splendid ribbon of Picasso marble that rests on a base of black Indian granite will pivot if gently pushed.


Most alluring to the passerby is the arrangement of small sculpture that fills the OTA window (see below).  Illuminated by the sun during the day and backlit at night, the eight small works by Somers Randolph vary in color, size, and composition.  All but two of the eight are fitted with pins sunk in to black Indian granite; they will pivot at the lightest touch.


While the small works are all of alabaster, the color and translucence differ from piece to piece.  There is orange alabaster from Utah in both polished and unpolished states, as well as an elegant thread of warm Italian alabaster polished to such a thinness that the sunlight illuminates the tiniest veins of the stone.  A two-part sculpture of white alabaster nestles together in a seamless rapport.


This masterful exhibition of sculpture by Somers Randolph continues through the end of March.

To view available works by Somers Randolph, click here