Made in Taos by Juniper Manley

Kosmik by Chad Manley

MADE IN TAOS by Juniper Manley

Taos may have its place in the history of art, but it is easy not to see the many creative people working in shops tucked in adobe corners or in studios surrounded by sagebrush and sunsets.

Chad Manley, who has lived and worked in Taos since 2000, has been creating a new body of work for an upcoming gallery show.

This is one of the many pieces that he has been crafting here in Taos. The above image captures the essence of Kosmik, a sculptural table which will be shown from May 3rd at OTA Contemporary in Santa Fe. The following images show the making of this impressive and unique table and a thumbnail of his designs.

Chad grew up in Pecos, New Mexico apprenticing with a diverse cast of artists and artisans, leading him to the Corcoran School of Art in the late 1980s, and a bounce from coast to coast and back to New Mexico that formed his artistic trajectory. He followed form from sculpture into furniture in Portland, Oregon with a studio in a 1800s foundry that was home to the first and largest industrial urban recycling facility. Then in New York City, he worked in design fabrication prototyping for high-end furniture designers, while creating his own line of furniture. Then landed back home, in New Mexico, choosing Taos as his home, where he has been working quietly since 2000.

Of his own work, he says, “I hope and believe that by making objects that exist outside the box of ‘normal’, I will entice the world around me and the people who live with these objects, to themselves think outside the box in whatever they do and make their lives extraordinary. Here in Taos I am grateful to join so many others that came before us and those who are working today in this effort to make Taos and this world, unique and interesting . With all the other creative minds I see around me today it feels like Taos is just that. It’s a beautiful thing to behold and it makes this town a wonderful place to live.

See Chad Manley’s new work at OTA Contemporary featured in BEGINNINGS III, Wes Hunting and Chad Manley, May 3 – July 28, 2019.