Summer in Santa Fe with Frida Kahlo, the Prado and Steve Jobs

June 2017

Dallas News
Cathy Barber, Special Contributor

SANTA FE — Santa Fe is an international city every day of the year. But this summer the City Different pulls it all together under the banner “Santa Fe Celebrates Global Arts & Culture.”

In addition to the usual summer marquee markets that bring throngs of tourists to town, you can queue up to see drawings by Michelangelo and photographs of everybody’s favorite artist right now, Frida Kahlo. Or soak up some starlight while taking in a new opera about Steve Jobs. Yes, indeed.

The Garden of Earthly Delights painting at “The Prado in Santa Fe” by Hieronymus Bosch (José Baztán Lacasa/Tourism Santa Fe)

It all started with “The Prado in Santa Fe,” a major get for the city. The outdoor exhibit features reproductions of 92 works from Madrid’s Museo Nacional del Prado.

“When the Prado exhibit became a reality … it seemed that if we were going to be putting together a program that was to drive visitation and tourism into Santa Fe, it would be a good idea to put together a program that would let people know about all the other things going on here,” says David Setford, executive director of the Spanish Colonial Arts Society. The society oversees the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art on Museum Hill, which is hosting the Kahlo exhibit, and is a sponsor of the Prado show near the Plaza.

Organizers starting making lists of what’s going on this summer, and the final tally was impressive.

“We were actually blown away by the quality of it,” Setford says. “We were really delighted.”

There’s an Italian film festival and a season of flamenco. The Palace of Governors hosts a display of historic photos from Syria. Chinese quilts are the draw at the Museum of International Folk Art.

That’s just a sampling. It’s too much, really, for even a long weekend. Plot your course at Click on the link for Santa Fe Celebrates Global Arts and Culture (the dancer in the white dress). Pay attention to dates; some things start later in the summer.

The site also has the skinny on other summer happenings around town. Here are some standouts.

OTA Contemporary
This gallery, which just opened at the entrance to Canyon Road, promises a new way to experience contemporary art. OTA is a gallery and a performance space, equipped to show new media and digital art as well as more traditional forms. It’s the brainchild of artist Kiyomi Baird, who has been in Santa Fe less than a year. The gallery opens with “Beginnings,” with works by Baird, Robert Drummond, Bob Hill and Somers Randolph.